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 Just about everyone recognizes the value of protecting employees from harm through safety training.  At Nevada Safety Training we do just that.

Businesses must also recognize that violations of workplace safety and health standards come with some form of civil or criminal penalties. With civil penalties of up to $132,598 for each violation effective January 23, 2019, penalties can reach into the millions of dollars. Criminal penalties can result in prison time.

There is a very active OSHA inspection program. In a recent year, OSHA conducted more than 37,000 workplace inspections and identified over 83,000 violations due to a lack of Safety Training.

The Nevada House Bill AB190 is in full effect for the Entertainment Industry in Nevada.  AB190 requires all individuals involved in the Entertainment Industry to be trained in either the OSHA 10 hour for workers or the OSHA 30 hour General Industry Course for Supervisors.  You can can read all about AB91 here.  

Looking for a Nevada safety training professional you can trust? Look no further!  We offer Safety Training Seminars at your location.


We’re committed to safety and serving you with honesty, quality, and value. No Long-term contracts. Pay as you go. All services are a la carte.

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Safety Training shouldn't cost you or your employee's an arm and a leg.  Don't let a disaster happen before you decide it's time to get safety training for you and your employee's. 
Let us show you the difference in how the price of safety training outweighs the cost of not providing any training or even the wrong training to your employee's. offers a free one hour consultation to help assess your needs at your workplace. paragraph here.

OSHA 10 & 30 hour training

OSHA Safety Training in Reno Nevada. Construction and General industry 10 and 30 hour Safety Training, CPR Training, or onsite safety evaluations, here at we've got you and your needs covered.  We've got over 25 years of experience in the safety industry and we have what it takes to help you stay safe and OSHA compliant in Reno and throughout Nevada and Northern California.

OSHA Authorized 10 & 30 Trainer for Construction and General Industry

OSHA Authorized 10 & 30 Safety Trainer for Construction and General Industry.

Safety is Everyone's Responsibility!

OSHA safety training 10 and 30 hour compliance courses available now.

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Nevada Safety Training
Nevada Safety Training
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